Wikis, Forums & Facebook Pages

There are a number of well known, and not so well known, JET wikis, forums and Facebook pages out there. This page lists a number of them.

JET Forums

Official JET Programme Forums – A more friendly and useful JET forum than any others – inhabited mostly by those applying for or recently accepted onto the JET Programme, but with some old hands offering advice. Very little in the way of trolls and quite strictly moderated. Should be the first stop for intending and accepted JETs.

Note: Closed for ‘reevaluation’ as of June 2014


Other useful information about JET websites

Jet Wit – Not a forum but a big site full of useful information for JETs.

JET 2007 Podcast – Not a forum either but some useful podcasts for new JETs in 2007

JET Forums, now deceased

The CIR Homepage Forum – The largest JET forum that was aimed toward CIR JETs

Japan Juku – The forum here was quite small but the site overall had lots of useful information on it pertaining to the JET Program. You can still find some of the information by searching for “My Argonauts Jason”

Big Daikon – Unfortunately BD has also gone to the big internet graveyard. It was formerly the largest and most active JET Programme forum online. Whilst attracting some criticism it was populated with a number of humorous posters.

Japanistan – This was a smaller JET forum with a good collection of JET’s, ex-JETs and ex-pats in Japan (mostly refugees from other JET forums). It was not strictly moderated, but little toleration for the stupidity shown elsewhere. After many of it’s posters left Japan and lost interest it formally closed in 2013.

Gaijin Pot: Japan Forums – Some JETs posted here though it was not JET focused. Drew a lot of flak from many Japan expats and one supposes that’s why it met it’s demise.

And lastly, this JET Programme forum…

I Think I’m Lost – Used to be a useful and somewhat friendly site but seems over the years to have sunk into an infantile version of BD, but without most of the humour. Mostly trafficked by current JETs – a number with too much time on their hands. The regular trashing by some ITIL posters of other JET blogs and websites is rather sad. Claims to have been recently “re-booted” (as of June 2014) with new moderators. One will be able to find some useful information at least (in the new JET’s section) but was down when checked in February 2021.

JET Wikis

JET Wikia – The oldest JET Wiki after a couple of other sites disappeared. Some very good information but not updated regularly

Akita Wiki – Although mainly aimed at the Akita JET community there is a broad range of material useful for intending and/or current JET’s.

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JET Facebook Group

The JET Programme, Japan

There are always lots of other locally based JET groups (check here for those) but also a number of dead ones. The Facebook page listed above seems to be the only one still being regularly used.

Please advise us if you know more to add. Thanks!