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Welcome to the Unofficial Guide to the JET Programme in Japan – your ‘one stop shop’ for JET Program information with lots of unbiased facts and information about teaching English in Japan on the JET Programme / JET Program and JET Japan.

The JET Programme in Japan

An Unofficial Guide

Here you will find information for aspiring JETs (as well as current and ex-JETs) and an information handbook from CLAIR (the ministry in charge of the JET Programme). There are also links, helpful FAQ, acronyms, information on nationalities and placements, hints re JET Alternatives, JET stories and tales and even links to JET Blogs, forums and wikis, plus books and movies.

Hiring in English teachers in Japan

Jet Programme Books
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The Virtual JET Workshop
Applying for the JET Programme
This is temporarily closed due to spam attacks. Other forums are listed in the JET Wiki and Forums page.Where does one start applying for the JET Programme? What do I need? Who do I contact? This is a good place to start.
Statement of Purpose – Samples
JET Alumni Information
Completing your application? Just don’t know what do say on that Statement of Purpose. See what others have written here.Left or leaving Japan? Get the information you need here – JETAA chapters, career and study options
JET stories of Japan
Alternatives to JET
Thousands of these stories litter the internet. On this page we try to pull together a broad sample of JET tales for your reading pleasure.Can’t or didn’t make it onto the JET Programme? Still interested in teaching English in Japan? Here we discuss alternatives to the JET Programme.
Books by JETs
JET Program Acronyms
A number of JET teachers have penned interesting or funny tomes based on their experiences. Many are listed here.What’s an ALT? CLAIR? SEA? Find out all the official acronyms here. Plus a few humorous ones as well.
JET Blogs
JET Wikis, Forums & Facebook
There are literally 1000’s of these available. We provide a small sample of those available plus links to other JET blog list pages.There are a number of well known, and not so well known, JET wikis, forums and Facebook pages out there. This page lists many of them.
JET Links (General)
Dozens of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.A wide variety of JET links across various categories & interests.
JET Survival Handbook
JET Links (Official)
The Unofficial JET Survival Handbook (.pdf). Compiled and reported by the Southeast Chapter of the JET Alumni Association. Alternate version here.This page contains many ‘official’ links, including the information handbook from CLAIR (the ministry in charge of the JET Programme). Alternate version here.
Japan & News Links
JET Programme Reviews
Some general Japan and news links that may be of interestWhat’s the JET Programme really like? Read here a wide variety of opinions.


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