Reviews of the JET Programme in Japan

The range of JET Programme experiences is enormous, with placements in every region of Japan. The principles and goals of The JET Programme are the same throughout but JET experiences vary widely according to the interests and approach of each participant, as well as the type and location of their placement. Here are some samples.

Written by JETs whilst on the program:

Kasun Perera – ALT Chiba Prefecture

Amy Reeve – ALT Okayama Prefecture

A Day in the life of an ALT – A forum discussion

My JET Programme Experience – ALT Niigata Prefecture

Miho’s Excellent Adventure – by Miho Tashiro

Interview With A JET Program Participant

Why JET Remains a Good Deal – A BD discussion

JETs who take a look back at their time on the JET Programme and talk about their experiences:

Discussion on reverse culture shock by ex-JET’s

Heidi Graham – CIR Nagasaki City, 2000-2003

Malcolm Gibson – CIR Kobe City, 1998-2001

Luke Barclay – ALT Fukui Prefecture, 1999-2001

Nikesh Mehta – ALT Tochigi Prefecture, 1999-2000

Jennifer May paints a bright picture of the JET Programme

The JET Program: Teaching English in Japan While Getting to Know it as an Insider by Aaron Paulson

Japan’s JET Program: Join Japan’s Leading ESL Training and Job Placement Program by Laura Mann

JET Survey – A wide range of opinions

Pros and Cons of the JET program (ESL Teaching in Japan) – by a non-JET teacher

A Day in the Life of a JET – by Jeff Mendoza

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