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The JET Programme, Japan - JET Links

Many of the links below have been retrieved from sites such as the JET Wikia and JET Programme sites. If you are aware of any updates or bad links please advise us. Likewise, if you would like to add a link please forward the details.

Contents: Teaching Sites*Japanese study*JET Prefectural Info & Sites

Teaching Sites

ESL Toolbox - Free samples and resources for EFL elementary teachers.

EFL Sensei - EFL Sensei provides free lesson plans for teachers.

Genki English - packed full of games, songs and activities. Great for Elementary school. Some materials are not free.

MES English - excellent resource for colorful and entertaining flashcards. Good for Elementary and first year Junior High. All materials are free.

Oxfam's Cool Planet - teaching activities for cultural awareness and global citizenship.

Puzzle maker - great for last minute worksheets

Three Wise Monkeys - activities and ideas. Good for JHS. - similar website to WikiJET but non-Japan specific.

Jet Programme Books

Skiing in Japan

Other Links:
Game Board Templates  
Be An Effective EFL Teacher  
Breaking News English (High School)  
CanTeach: Writing/Journal Prompts  
Saga JET Worksheets and Lesson Plans  
Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)  
British Council Japan  

Japanese study - Add customised random Kanji to your blog or homepage!

Reading Tutor - helpful translation website. Gives hiragana readings for kanji and English translation.

Tae Kim's guide to Japanese grammar - covers basic to advanced grammar in an easy-to-understand way.

The JLPT Study Page - is a solid site for information on the JLPT levels 4, 3, and 2.

Kanji Practice - a site with quicktime video of Kanji stroke order.

Rikaichan - An great browser dictionary for Firefox. It's free and worth the effort if you hate constantly looking up words. Scroll your cursor over words to look them up. It recognizes compounds and names.

The Super Dictionary - An excellent site for help regarding turning a PDA into a electronic dictionary. Also features solid reviews of other electronic dictionaries. This site is run by an ex-JET.

Other Links:

Spaced Repetition Memorization Site Yoshida Institute: Learning Japanese
Site that adds furigana to other sites QWERTY typing into kana chart
Mozilla, mouse-over kanji dictionary Java Kanji Flashcards
Kanji Kentei (Kanji Exam, Japanese Only) Nihongo Jouzu
JTEST: Test of Practical Japanese JapanesePOD101
Business Japanese Test (BJT, JETRO) Japanese Sign Language
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Easy-peasey, Japanesey
JLTP Kanji Memorization site Drill Japanese Kanji

Online Dictionaries and Translation:

ALC Eigotown Online Dictionary Jim Breen's JDIC
Kantango Online Dictionary

JET Prefectural websites

The following links are to JET prefectural websites, wikis, Facebook or message boards. If you click on the speech bubble Discuss prefectures in Japan it will take you directly to discussion on the prefecture (if available) at the official Jet Programme forum. Some of these sites are affliated with National AJET while others are not. In some prefectures there are long neglected websites so I have tried to have the most active/relevant website linked to from here. If the link becomes broken, you know of a better link, or there is a new/updated prefectural site please contact us.

Japan Map of Prefectures

JET webmasters please update your details where necessary* - and a link back to here, here or here is appreciated!

Hokkaido & Tohoku

1. Hokkaido Hokkaido JET discussion

2. Aomori Aomori JET Discussion
3. Iwate Iwate JET forum
4. Miyagi Miyagi JET forum
5. Akita Akita JET discussion board
6. Yamagata Yamagata JET discussion
7. Fukushima Fukushima JET's - discuss here


8. Ibaraki Information about IBaraki JET Programme
9. Tochigi Tochigi JET information
10. Gunma Discuss Gunma JET here
11. Saitama Saitama JET
12. Chiba Chiba JET
13. Tokyo
14. Kanagawa Kanagawa JET


15. Niigata
16. Toyama
17. Ishikawa
18. Fukui Fukui JET's - discussion thread
19. Yamanashi Yamanashi English teachers - discussion
20. Nagano
21. Gifu JET Discussion and Information - Gifu
22. Shizuoka
23. Aichi Aichi JET discussion


24. Mie Mie JET discussion
25. Shiga
26. Kyoto
27. Osaka
28. Hyogo
29. Nara
30. Wakayama


31. Tottori
32. Shimane shimane jets
33. Okayama
34. Hiroshima
35. Yamaguchi yamaguchi jets


36. Tokushima
37. Kagawa Kagawa JET page
38. Ehime Ehime JET - discussion
39. Kochi

Kyushu & Okinawa

40. Fukuoka fukuoka jet
41. Saga saga jet
42. Nagasaki
43. Kumamoto kumamoto jets
44. Oita
45. Miyazaki
46. Kagoshima
47. Okinawa

Note: If a certain link is dead, check the awesome list at Jetwit

* From June 1, 2013 we will no longer be updating JET prefectural links unless we receive notification of a change.

Other JET Links at DMOZ

More to come soon!

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